The Legend of the Falcon-Men

The Legend of Falcon Man

The overhanging walls of our fjords aroused the fear and reverence that usually reserved for what is sacred. The flat expanses of those highlands, completely covered with snow during the long winter, and emerald green with spring, could only be traversed while keeping firm mind and firm nerves.

The height, in fact, gave an unusual ephemeral euphoria. To look at the abyss we felt drunk, of a strange joy, that could lead to a dark fear. That inexpressible height, hundreds of meters, seemed to bewitch you and inspired those who ventured along the edge of the abyss almost always the same fantasy:

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About Success

About Success

I had just put the white coffee on the table. My eyes spotted a familiar face on the page of the magazine you had left casually open on page seven.

A distinguished man. With his broad-brimmed gray coat, waving over a Campomaggi leather bag. He was a very well-known entrepreneur. The headline of the news spoke for itself.

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