Isaac’s laughter

Isaac's Laughter

I remember the dust, dry on clothes, glued on me. The desire for a warm place, protected from the cold winds of winter … interminable was our journey. My wife walked quiet and silent. A heavy bundle balanced on the head, and our little Isaac on his back, three weeks of life, tied tight with a white linen band.

Sometimes my wife sang a sweet song, to cradle the baby during the journey. So he was at peace, my little gift of Immense, my child. His dark eyes watched the world all around him, and on his little face two dimples dug out of the habit of a smile.

We were already three days’ walk away from our village, but I was still restless, worried. I could not stay. We heard voices of the occupation brought by enemy troops a little further to the north. In the assaulted villages the men were killed and the women reduced to slavery. I had to protect my family. Continue reading “Isaac’s laughter”


Waiting for the Spirit of Winter: the longest night

The Spirit of Winter

Shortly before the shadow enveloped the world in her mantle, on the longest night of the year, at the gates of Winter, I watched the fire so that it did not go out.

The party we would have celebrated, shortly thereafter, would have warmed our hearts. The cider from the recent harvest would have reddened our cheeks, and the good beer, aged in larch barrels, would have us singing, all night long, until dawn.

I had polished the bagpipe that my father had taught me to play, that I was little more than a child, and I was going through the notes of my dearest songs.

I wanted to stay awake, to play, to sing, to wait the great Spirit of Winter! Continue reading “Waiting for the Spirit of Winter: the longest night”

Snippets Of Time

Snippet of time

So tell me a new story, one of the many stories you saw in the Wheel of Time. Was I there? And what eyes did I have? What are the hair, the lips and the smile? What are the adventures you thought, Lord of Time?

On the back of a wild horse did I ride the endless expanses of the Northland? Or did I fall asleep with fatigue, in front of a fire, waiting for the dawn of a day of fight?

So many impressions that crowd my mind, when I jump in the Dark Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčTime. And then suddenly I seem to see them, I almost hear the voices, the perfumes, the strongest feelings, as if they had stuck on me. Like the fine sand that sticks to you. Continue reading “Snippets Of Time”