Autumn Song

Enchant me, my girl, enchant me again …
You, who are rose garden, scent of freesias, jasmine and fragrant gardenias …

You, who were born from the sigh of a star. You, that the blue sky gently rocked. You, that the pink of the dawn painted your cheeks, turn your eyes to my eyes full of malice.

Yes … because of desire ignites my chest, at the thought of the cascade of your beautiful curls just above your breasts full of life. And I hardly hold back the fire that moves inside me when I wander your body with my impertinent mouth.

Wild with passion, I feel with you next, and I want to dance on your very white linen bed, and listen to the sound of your voice lit by flames of love.

My wonder, you are my mother, my friend and my daughter,
Woman my companion, I invoke the gift of your presence to free me from the chains of past things.

Let everything, remains actual, make your smile wakes me up every time to the enchantment of the gift of our present. Let your laugh, simple as white doves, gives me life to drink like fresh spring water.

Rest on my chest, daughter of the gods, place your delicate head on my strong and powerful chest. May my warrior heart shield you from all fear, may you let its pulse and the rhythm of my breath fall asleep. My hands will embrace your breast, in my arms I will give you a safe haven.

And when you’ll want to talk with me, you will have my heart attentive to listen. From every trap, from what wants to drive us away, I’ll pull out myself, to be able to find you again.

Ah… Spider webs are sometimes words, they trap us like careless flies.

And then, I will turn to my side and ask an angel, my silent friend, to bring clarity back to my mind, to find you once again, despite the pitfall of a bad crooked moon.

Oh! Hug me again, my girl, embrace me now. ‘Cause if war is needed to make peace fort, know that this is the price of a tenacious love.

Sweetheart, you are to me the whole world, here in front of you, naked, I do not hide, and with the love that lights my heart, this autumn song, I give you, my star.


Picture by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


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