Always Start Again

The taste of fresh mint. The sweetness of water. The sense of home that gave me the soft light. I needed this. To believe in these moments of calm, and from here to start a whole new life cycle.

I was finally aware that I had wasted much of my life chasing projects that would have been better for someone else, but not for me. To me, who struggled with the anxiety of a low-paid job, being exploited as if there were no tomorrow, as if my tomorrow was just my business and no one else’s. And maybe, after all, it’s true, is the truth.

And then I glimpsed this open door, on the edge of my everyday life, shoving myself into the business of the century, into the new gold rush: the web!

With the secret hope that by scouring the sand I would have found my nuggets, and I would have achieved success. Here, in a place in the world, where people often tried to get by, rather than fly with different wings …

Fuck! I wanted to show that I was actually capable, fully able to build my fortune, with my strength, without having to resort to anyone’s help! What then, after all, what’s wrong with getting someone to help you? Perhaps the fact that then I always have to deal with my pride …

And then I thought of Dorian. That boy who did nothing but look in the mirror to look for signs of incipient aging. Wow! How those white hairs of his beard were out of tune, that beginning of salt and pepper in his hair, with his feeling of being still a boy.

Dear Dorian, remember that you go for the forty, that you have finished university for a long time, that school time should go back almost to your personal Neolithic. You are abundantly mature.

Damn Dorian! You are a man! Wake up!

In the hourglass the sand is flowing, the clock ticks, ticks, and seems to have no intention of stopping! What do you think, if we run the risk and really throw the heart beyond the obstacle and decide to sail in the open sea of ​​our dreams hoping that the wind will take us to new lands, rather than in the heart of a hurricane?

Eh, well … then you could even stand in the eye of a hurricane, they say it’s a fairly calm place, but do you know that traffic just a few meters away?

In short, dear Dorian, life is teaching you that audacity is found more in facing those obstacles that dot the way of your dreams, than in facing those of something that is ultimately for you, and probably for anyone anything else in your place, irrelevant.

The life you dream of, your rightful place in the world, lies just beyond the hedge of your fears, beyond the wall of inexperience, and under the sky of hope.

Can you jump beyond the wall?

Think about it, all in all you have built yourself a ladder in the last few years, it may be useful for you, you may find the taste of things simply by fulfilling the only real duty that the entire human race should correspond to:

Be true to your heart. Where you put your heart, you can build a home for your soul.


Credit Picture: Foto by morzaszum from Pixabay



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